Do you own your time, or does your time own you?

This workshop is all about how to build the foundation for productivity in your work and personal life! You can watch the workshop here:

This workshop is only an introduction! It’s up to you to keep growing and learning and finding the routines that work best for you. Here are links to tools and outside resources to get you started searching:


Resources for Time Management:

Building a second brain by Tiago Forte is a course on how to organize your digital life.
Read Self-Management vs. Time Management: What You Need to Know on Medium.
Check out Why You Don’t Have a Time Management Problem by Charlie Gilkey

Tools for Time Management



Resources for Productivity:

Check out 23 Best Productivity Hacks of the Year on
Listen to Productivity on the Ground Up Show.
Watch Simple Ways to Declutter Your Phone by Matt D’Avella.
Watch the TED talkThe Art of Stress-free Productivity.

Tools for Productivity



Resources for your Personal Habits

You’ll love the Kon-Mari method for organization!
Here are the Top 10 Personal Habits to consider building.
Read 10 Habits of Highly Organized People for more ideas.

Tools for your Personal Habits

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June 21, 2019