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“I just want to say my experience at Praxis was life-changing. My experience with traditional schools was never great. So when it came to going to college for thousands of dollars or trying out a career development program with no ‘unnecessary fluff’ and practically a return on my investment. I'm so happy I went with Praxis.“
Sadie Ulland
“I’m incredibly happy with my overall program experience and feel like I am in a better place personally and professionally because of it. I’m very excited by all of the resources available to me as an alumni and look forward to always being a part of this community.”
Tyler Hawk
“I absolutely loved it! The placement process not only helped me land my current job but also taught me the necessary skills to land other jobs in the future.”
Carson Westrich
“Knowing that I can always ask a question, start a conversation, or simply just make friends with other Praxians through Slack, Workplace, and more makes me feel like I have a team behind me that’s rooting for my success.”
Tom Kerstetter
“I loved Praxis, and it changed my life projection forever, in the best way possible!”
Hailey Lesué