Praxis Warning Label

WARNING: The Praxis program is not for everyone.

People who are unmotivated, lazy, or may become lazy should not take on Praxis.  If you suffer from a deep need to be seen as prestigious rather than to be productive, you should not attempt the program.  Praxis is for those with individual, intrinsic goals, not a need for external validation.  Anyone allergic to value-creation should seek learned helplessness, dependency, and/or government work, as Praxis may lead to a severe negative reaction.
Persons suffering from chronic FOMO, obsession with theoretical options, and unwillingness to commit to concrete opportunities should not attempt Praxis.  Those unwilling to move, geographically and developmentally, need not apply.  Anyone seeking the illusion of a guarantee should look elsewhere, as Praxis does not deal in illusions, nor do we sell magic, silver bullets, or easy schemes.  The Praxis program only works if you do.  Those unwilling or unable to work should not join.
If your parents or other third parties run your life, Praxis is not for you.  Praxis is not glamorous, trendy, sexy, hip, or lit.  It may lead to any of these as side-effects, but the active ingredients are hard work, self-awareness, judgement, skill, reputation, and experience, and any outcomes besides career growth are incidental and vary based on individual effort and desire.
Joining Praxis may result in increased awareness of opportunity, desire to learn out loud, enjoyment of the grind, personal growth, obstacles, overcoming of obstacles, connections, increased awareness of your own agency, and self-direction.  If any of these frighten you or make you feel tired, turn back now.

Praxis is for those ready to take the first step towards career launch.

If you are not ready, able, and willing to do so, do not choose Praxis.