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  • Where are Praxis business partners located?

One of the most common questions we get from young people interested in Praxis is “where am I going to be placed during the apprenticeship?”

The answer might surprise you. Unlike many similar programs that are limited to a few locations, Praxis is national (soon to be global). We have business partners all around the country in most of the major business hubs.

Think cities like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Austin, Dallas, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City.

We’ve picked cities like these because they offer participants not only the widest selection of fast growing businesses in the country, but also a location where they can grow and develop themselves as young people outside the workplace. Networking opportunities, conferences, social events, and more are all things we want our participants to have access to during their apprenticeship and beyond.

If you’re worried about moving, don’t be.

Praxis has been growing tremendously and we’re almost always able to place participants in cities where current participants and graduates are also living. Combine that with working with your advisor to create a plan to navigate the new city, and you’ll feel at home in no time.

One last thing. We’re always adding new business partners. If we don’t have a partner in your area when you apply, chances are we will by the time your bootcamp experience is over.

If you’d like to talk to a graduate about relocating for Praxis, schedule a call! They’ll be able to help you understand the process, provide tips, and help you see whether the program is a good fit for you.