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  • What skills and experiences do Praxis participants gain during the apprenticeship?

The Praxis apprenticeship focuses on transferable skills and experiences that participants can take with them to any business endeavor after the program. Partners range from 10 person startups to hundred person companies but all are innovative, growing businesses that are committed to providing participants with a life-changing experience.

During the program, Praxis participants have the opportunity to:

  • Speak with the CEO or executive team and learn the ins and outs of the business
  • Get customized job coaching from Praxis advisors and entrepreneurs in their fields
  • Learn transferable skills like sales, marketing, social media, business writing, invoicing, pitching, management and customer service from various departments
  • Lead self-directed projects that create value for their business partners
  • Learn firsthand how to run and grow a successful business
  • Get real-world job experience, sidestep traditional gatekeepers like college, and begin a great career now

They learn how to distinguish themselves from others in the workplace, how to create value and showcase what they have done, how to interact with a wide range of other professionals, how to market and sell a product and how to get things done in a quickly changing environment.
Past participants have run high traffic websites, traveled the country with their CEO, made five figure sales deals, grown a social media presence from the ground up, developed marketing and business plans, led video shoots and managed customer service teams.
Participants leave the program with a portfolio of marketable skills and quantifiable value adds, as well as a host of intangible personal skills.

Praxis is easily one of the best decisions I’ve made for personal development and career advancement in my short life. I’ve gained incredible insight into how to build a business from the ground up.

— Mitch Broderick,  Praxis Alum and VP of Business Development at Advantage Media Group
The Praxis apprenticeship is not an entry level job and it is not an internship — it’s a personal and career accelerator for young people who want to build their own career outside of the traditional college/internship path. It’s for people who want more than the standard menu of options offered to young people today.
Participants learn more professionally in one year than in four at college or an entry-level position, and they take the skills and experiences they acquire to go on to start businesses, grow at their business partner, or seek jobs elsewhere.