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Praxis is relaunching as an accredited, four-year university. Our new model is complete with a liberal arts department and a large administrative staff.
We will be discontinuing the Praxis entrepreneurial apprenticeship experience in place of a more formalized, credential-oriented experience.
Welcome to Praxis University!

Just kidding 😉 we’re still committed to transforming students into entrepreneurs. Download the Praxis program guide to learn more.

With the growth in demand for college and post-college degrees for even the simplest of jobs and the increasing ease-of-access to federally subsidized student loans, the Praxis team has come to realize the importance of going through the motions to show off your ability to jump through hoops in the marketplace. It’s simply too much to ask young people to create a better signal when they could enroll in four years of underwater basket-weaving classes on loans that they won’t have to pay back for years. We’re underserving our participants and our shareholders by not getting in on this action.
“The University System has existed for so long for a reason,” said Praxis CEO Isaac Morehouse in a statement. “For that reason, rather than try to invent something better than the university, we’re going to give another option to the thousands of colleges and universities available to young people today. How can providing young people with a great work experience in the real world compete with having them pay thousands of dollars to listen to mandatory classes on subjects that will never affect their lives? It’s simple, you can’t!”

Praxis University: Why Break The Mold When You Can Fit Snugly Inside of It?

Praxis University will launch next fall in Washington, D.C. It will firmly ground itself with an emphasis on a liberal arts education.
The curriculum will be determined based on a thorough review of the topics published in the top peer-reviewed academic journals of 2016.
Also, the tuition is going up from a net-zero cost to approximately $25,000/year.
Finally, we’re also ending the apprenticeship program. Instead of placing participants with business partners they’ll spend time in classrooms.
Interested in applying to Praxis University? Email your inquiries to AprilFools@DiscoverPraxis.com.
April Fools! Don’t worry……