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Every week, Praxis participants complete deliverables that show their progress in the program. They aren’t graded on their work, but they’re given feedback that they can apply to the projects in the real world. Their deliverables serve as a physical manifestation of the inward skills and mindsets they are building.

Module 1: Placement Profile

Module 1 is basically a kickstart to the program. Participants work on mindsets and hard skills they need for their careers like personal productivity, forward tilt, and time management. They also build their placement profile. This profile features their top skills, work experience, and role preferences for business partners to see.

How I Work by Jessica Hooker

In this post, Jessica shares answers to several questions about her work habits, skills, preferences, and more.

What’s one word that best describes how you work?

Connected. Not in the tech-savvy, Silicon Valley kind of way. Rather, I like to make connections between things. Whenever I learn something new or am working on a project, I’m always thinking of other concepts, ideas, and resources that are related to the task at hand.

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without?

I’m old-school. I like paper and pen. Blank pads are awesome (and cheap). I also like a good knock-off dot grid Moleskine. I gravitate toward Sharpie pens, but if I need color I reach for a Papermate Inkjoy gel pen. I’d prefer a good fountain pen, but it’s hard to find reasonably-priced paper that doesn’t cause the ink to bleed.


Thomas McBreairty’s Pitch Deck

Your pitch deck is a great method for creatively showcasing your previous work experience and the skills you can bring to a company. It’s a way that you can tell your story and involve potential employers in that story instead of just throwing your résumé at them.

Nathan Wortley’s personal website

Although creating a personal website is no longer a hard requirement of the Praxis program, many participants still create websites as a way to host all their work in one place.
Nathan’s website is a great example of this. It’s a simple, clean format that is easy to navigate, making it the perfect place to document his journey.

Module 2: Building a Second Brain

We just launched a new course created by Tiago Forte as Module 2! This module focuses heavily on organizing and leveraging digital notes. Participants exit the module with the ability to quickly and easily manage information they gather online– the ultimate skill for a self-educator.

Why Sales Matters in Any Business by Jaiela London

With the skills they learn in Building a Second Brain, participants explore common startup roles and what they entail. Jaiela’s post nails sales on the head (yes, I did that on purpose).

From Jaiela’s post:

With business it’s all about problem-solving. [It’s about] finding a gap or an area where someone needs a product or service and filling that need for them. Salespeople connect the problem a business solves with people who need that solution.

Payton Walter’s Overview of Evernote

Evernote is a crucial app for anyone who wants to become a master in the Age of Information. In the video below, Payton shows how she leverages Evernote.


Chloe Rohlson’s 12 Problems Exercise

Thought exercises are a common theme in the Praxis bootcamp. They’re like a gym for your brain; the more you get accustomed to solving problems outside your job, the easier you’ll find it to solve the ones you come across when you’re actually working! Here’s an exercise from Module 2 that you can try– but first check out this solid example from Chloe Rohlson.

Do it Yourself

What are the driving questions that will likely interest you over the coming years, that can serve as open-ended guides for learning and research?
They don’t have to be precisely the top 12, or be in any particular order, or be comprehensive in any way. Think of it this way: what problems would you want to “assign” your knowledge management system to help you solve? If you’re going to have a “slow burn” simmering, what do you want to be cookin’?
They are probably hard problems without simple answers. The answers are probably very different depending on the person or situation. They are “high context” problems. Answering them would unleash huge value for yourself and others.
The purpose of this exercise is not only to clarify them for yourself, but to help you formulate and frame them in a way that makes it as easy as possible for others to help you.

Module 3: Writing Clearly and Persuasively

Module 3 tends to be the biggest challenge participants have ever faced. It’s a daily blogging challenge, where they focus specifically on their writing and discipline abilities.

The Beauty of G̷l̸i̵t̴c̵h̸e̴s̷ by Crew Froebel

Do you believe in beauty in imperfection? Crew demonstrates how beautiful chaos can be, using technical glitches as his example.

Glitch art is a reaction to the necessity behind orderly and functional technology. With an abundance of minimalist and clean websites, it’s a reminder that imperfect things can be beautiful too.


My Shark Tank Experience– Failure or Success? by Eliana Rose

Failure, Shark Tank, and entrepreneurship make for a great post, right? You’ll love the way Eliana extracts life lessons from her unique experience.

Some people see my experience in Shark Tank as a complete failure. I think that is probably true, but it made me grow tremendously, and that is what matters.
In October of 2017, I was accepted to participate in the reality show Shark Tank Colombia that had its first season in my country that year.



Placement during Praxis is dedicated to interview prep, job search, value propositions, and– of course– Crash profiles. Here are some of the top examples from recent Praxian job-hunters.

Tyler Hawk

I’m a passionate designer and photographer excited to tell stories and get the word out there! I believe we live in a world where a book is judged by the cover and I’m here to make that cover one that people won’t forget. Whether it’s designing the perfect web or mobile app, taking breathtaking photos, or creating memorable digital marketing campaigns, I’m the man that can make it happen. I can even make it happen in one of my three language fluencies, English, Spanish, or French.


Thomas Knapp

Optimizing business processes, solving problems with creative solutions, and using my technical aptitude to help others are just some of the things that make me a top tier ‘generalist’. I take pride in doing the “dirty work” and tasks that others might find monotonous.
If your team needs an ambitious achiever that loves organizing, managing projects, and helping others in every way possible, I’m your guy!


Rose Ackerman

Hi! I’m Rose, and I’m driven to succeed and learn. From working as a salesperson in retail to head prep cook in a restaurant, I’ve shown I can gain the skills I need to accomplish any task. When I became interested in marketing, I networked with marketing professionals and asked them about their work, then wrote an eBook about my findings. Now, I post on my personal blog to market myself to the world. I’m interested in marketing or sales roles, and I want to work with you to see what we can accomplish together!


From the Apprentices:

Even after the bootcamp has ended and participants have gone on to their apprenticeships, they don’t stop creating and growing. Here are updates from several current apprentices:

Life at a Startup: Level 17 by Joey Wickham

I’ve been focusing on working my way to decision-makers for our customers and being able to connect with them has been very valuable…
As I continue to learn what my role in my company is made for, I’ve been in the process of shifting gears a bit to getting in front of decision-makers. This is going to be harder, but I’m excited for the challenge.


Mount- Can- She-Get-It-All-Done– The Apprenticeship Week 16 by Leah Wilczewski

…my customer review rating still remains at 100%, I’ve gained a better Zendesk troubleshooting brain, and while I’m hustling every day, I get to leave work knowing I’ve tackled a mountain of work, and have gotten it to a manageable place. I look forward to our weekly team meeting this week as we may have to discuss ways to handle this ever-growing work load.


Startupdate: Week Twenty-Six by Morgan von Gunten

Today marks six months. Six months since opening my laptop around eight Monday morning, March fourth, and getting started on my new job with Crash.
This week marks one year. A year since starting Praxis, the apprenticeship program that helped me build a personal brand, showed me how to win a job I didn’t have perfect experience for. It’s been one of the best choices I could’ve made for my growth.
This past year has been wild. Good. Hard. Painful, sometimes. Long, yet quick. Challenging. New. And I’m so grateful for where I’m able to go next.


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