Praxis exists to facilitate young entrepreneurs in the discovery and cultivation of their desires. We want to help them get more than the status quo.

Does Praxis only want people who will go on to start and operate their own organization? Certainly not. While it is true that Praxis seeks extraordinary participants, and we will have many who go on to found organizations, that is not a criteria for acceptance.

We define an entrepreneur in two ways:

1) A founder/creator/visionary, and,
2) A mold-breaking, creative problem solver within an existing enterprise or project.

The ideal Praxis participant is a person who wants to take control over their life and career. It’s a person who wants to set the terms for:

What They Do

  • Work on something they are passionate about every day, something that makes them come alive.
  • Make their everyday life not something that needs escaping from.
  • Something they feel is truly of value.
  • Do not work just to get by or because it pays a little better today, unless it is clearly a stepping stone and there is a specific plan to move on from that stone.

Where They Do It

  • Live and work in a geographic area they desire to be (state/country, near family, by water, mountains, city life, etc)
  • Work from a physical location they operate the best in (corner office, home office, coffee shop, co-working area, lab, cubicle, or a mixture of these)

When They Do It

  • Work when it is the most beneficial. Not on a schedule created for an age of manufacturing and poor communication tools.
  • Work as many hours as needed to create value and be successful, not an arbitrary number of hours. (Often the entrepreneur will work a lot of hours for a period of their life, setting the foundation for higher value creation with less effort later. Then the choice is theirs to continue to work and push for greater successes, or to enjoy some of the fruits of the foundation that has been built and work less.)

Who They Do It With

  • Work surrounded by people who make them better.
  • Understand how to create an environment that is attractive and conducive to the people they wish to work with.

How They Do It

  • Autonomy in their responsibilities. They operate as a self-directed leader even if working for someone else.
  • Control of how much money they can earn for the value they create. The best way to maximize returns is to own the majority of something successful, but that’s usually the riskiest as well. A Participant needs to be the type of person who is not content with a wage determined and controlled by another. Even if working with or for someone, they will create a compensation structure that rewards value created, not time worked.

Why They Do It

  • Freedom! A participant will ultimately be striving for the freedom to live and operate in their natural sweet spot.
  • A clear understanding of what they are striving to achieve (wealth, the feeling of building something, flexibility, etc).

None of this is easy. If it were, everyone would do it. It takes guts. There is risk. But it is achievable, and we at Praxis are here to assist in beginning this journey.

If you have the desire to control the what, where, when, who, how and why of your career, Praxis is for you.