Tyler's Praxis Story

Tyler wanted to make it in music. He had a band. They were playing gigs. He was bartending to make ends meet. And he also had a job working technical support at the Apple Store. He worked hard, but something was still missing. He’d already tried college once. He even considered going back to finish a degree. But college just didn’t really align well with what he really wanted.


About the same time, Tyler also started getting more into photography. He’s had his work featured by several brands, and also worked with artists and models. A few years ago, as a side project, Tyler and a friend started a car blog and lifestyle brand. His love of photography merged with his business interests getting NotFast off the ground.

Still, something was missing. He wanted to find a jumping off point for his career. And that’s when Tyler discovered Praxis. Through Praxis, Tyler landed an awesome role in customer support at an early stage education and financial technology company. He got to work directly with the CEO and help build everything from the ground up.

In no time at all, he gained valuable experience and exposure to every facet of the business. His learning gave him some important insight—the business needed someone to own it’s marketing and growth. And Tyler had already been involved—he was going to be that guy. So, Tyler dug in. He put together a marketing plan. Then he pitched the CEO on the position.

Shortly after, Tyler was promoted to Director of Marketing.

Check out more of Tyler’s work and his portfolio on his website here.

Before Praxis
Associate’s degree, technical support at an Apple store
At Graduation
Hired in customer support, working directly for the CEO
Present Day
Marketing Manager at a tech startup
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