Ryan Matlock

As a young teen, Ryan Matlock taught himself how to create and edit podcasts and videos online. His parents encouraged him to build these skills as a part of his homeschooling. At 19 years old, he’d already created and worked on several podcasts and built a YouTube channel with over a thousand subscribers.

After a gap year where he put his video skills to work freelancing, Ryan applied to Praxis. He landed an apprenticeship in San Francisco as a video marketer with Autopilot. Three months into his six-month apprenticeship, they offered him a full-time position.

Ryan later accepted the job of Video Production Specialist at GVC Mortgage back in his home state of Indiana. There, he creates hundreds of videos a year to help educate and guide people through the homebuying process. By night, he freelances helping small businesses tell their stories with online videos. He also continues to create his own podcasts and videos on The Aux Cable podcast and The EntrePUNeur YouTube channel.

You can find all this and more at www.theryanmatlock.com

Before Praxis

Homeschooled, college opt-out, freelance videographer

At Graduation

Hired as a Video Marketer for a startup in San Francisco

Present Day

working his dream job as a Video Production Specialist back in his hometown

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