Randalyn Hill

Today, Randi is a 20-year-old founder, running a marketing consulting company, building the life of her dreams.

Randi liked learning but wasn’t sold on how it was done. As an early high school graduate at 16, she started looking for opportunities that didn’t include college. During the gap year she’d taken, she was accepted into Praxis and got right to work.

She wasn’t sure what she wanted to get out of the program, but she was confident she didn’t want to spend the next 4 years in a classroom. The one thing she was clear on, was wanting to spend the next 4 years in the real world. Learning real skills and beginning her life NOW, rather than later.

Fast forward to her Praxis experience, Randi landed a job at the coaching startup in Chicago, Ama La Vida. After spending 18 months working right under the co-founders, she left her business partner to become a full-time marketing consultant.

Randi most recently has also joined the WanderBarn podcast network, where she hosts the podcast, People, Talking People.

You can keep up with her via her company’s newsletter, the Cre8tives, here.

Before Praxis

16-year-old high school grad looking to get real world experience

At Graduation

Hired as a Growth Strategy and Brand Specialist at a startup in Chicago

Present Day

20-year-old founder of a marketing consultant agency

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