Nick Rundlett

Nick was just a few credits away from finishing his engineering degree. But inside of himself, he just couldn’t shake this deep sense of dread and unhappiness with the direction his life was moving. Learning about Praxis from an online philosophy group he was a part of, he knew that was the next natural step for him. He took the decision to drop out and pursue a career in sales. Praxis was a no brainer because it gave him total control and flexibility of the direction he could take his career in.

Through the program he surrounded himself with every sales resource, advisor, and participant that he could. Including started a group called the Sales Mastermind, where he and other sales professionals workshop different scenarios and exchange valuable knowledge. He eventually landed a role as an SDR with a software startup. In just 3 months, he was the top performing salesperson on the entire sales team. He quickly moved up leading the entire sales team and producing record sales results for the entire company.

Today, Nick’s sales career has flourished in more ways than one. His Sales Mastermind group has grown tremendously and is now by invitation only. He is the Sales Team Lead at Toggl, a fully distributed tech startup team. And he continues to do sales consulting on the side, for both freelance clients and for sales professionals looking to level up in their careers.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn to follow his work and highlights from his Sales Mastermind calls.

Before Praxis

Dropped out of engineering school just a few credits shy of graduation

At Graduation

Sales team lead at a software startup

Present Day

Sales consultant, runs a monthly sales mastermind call, and sales team lead at a tech startup

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