Mitchell Broderick

Mitchell Broderick started working at Taco Bell while in high school. This first experience in a business taught him a lot about interacting with customers. And he loved it. After high school Mitchell continued working his way up and began attending community college. But along the way, things changed and Mitchell found himself searching for something different. That’s when he discovered Praxis.

Through Praxis, Mitchell landed a job in sales. It was tough. He had a serious learning curve to overcome. But eventually, Mitchell got the hang of it. By the time he’d been around for six months, he’d closed several large sales deals. And that’s when Mitchell pitched his boss on a wild new idea. He’d learned from his experience that the business needed a fresh new approach to their sales process. Mitchell had already proven it worked and that he was up to lead this new effort. And the company agreed.

When Mitchell graduated Praxis, he was promoted to VP of Business Development at Advantage Media Group. By the end of his first year, Mitchell was earning six figures—and he closed more than a million dollars of business. And he did it all without college.

Today, Mitchell leads the sales team at a thriving real estate marketing agency called Platform.

“Praxis was a quarter million dollar decision for me. I completed the program and was promptly promoted by my business partner to VP of Business Development.”

Before Praxis

Working at Taco Bell and attending community college

At Graduation

Hired as VP of Business Development at media company

Present Day

Head of sales at real-estate marketing agency

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