Mia's Praxis Story

Mia started dancing when she was 10 and quickly fell in love with it. She homeschooled herself throughout high school due to the hours that she dedicated in the studio. With her strong drive and love for learning, she was able to graduate high school a year and a half early. During that time she began to question the health of the the dance environment she was surrounding herself with and began to open up to experimenting with different avenues for her career and life. She started by taking classes at her local community college as she finished up her last semester of dance.

She quickly saw the people, culture and environment that surrounded her in college was not what she wanted for herself and her future self. She wanted a better, faster, and hands-on experience. That’s when she discovered Praxis.

She fell in love instantly with the program concept and knew it was for her. She thrived during the bootcamp and at 17 she moved to San Francisco by herself to fulfill her dreams of going into marketing. Today, she works at a digital marketing agency in San Francisco where she has been able to get hands-on experience in multiple departments and continue to grow her marketing skill set.

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Before Praxis
Homeschooled, dancing pre-company at the Kansas City Ballet
At Graduation
Hired as a digital marketing apprentice
Present Day
Works full-time on the SEO team at a digital marketing agency in San Francisco
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