Maddox's Praxis Story


After graduating high school in 2020, Maddox knew that college wouldn’t be the path forward for him. Between the debt, the weak approach towards building a career, and the amount of time needed, he knew there had to be a better way forward.

He took a gap year post graduation with the intent to gain real work experience, save money, and give himself space to think about his future. During his time at Chick-fil-A he quickly experienced how much he was able to learn and teach himself outside of the classroom. It was during that time that he discovered Praxis and quickly applied for a spot in the program. 

During Praxis, Maddox learned everything he needed to get his career started by preparing to land his first real opportunity. Through the program, he landed a position on the sales team over at PandaDoc. He quickly rose to the ranks within his team and to this day has hit 120% of his quota and created numerous sales opportunities. At 20 years old, he has already had his first major job promotion, is crushing it in his role, and gaining invaluable work experience as a full-time sales development representative.

You can read about Maddox’s full Praxis experience featured on the Praxis blog here. He also regularly publishes content on Medium and on his LinkedIn.

Before Praxis
College opt-out, working at Chick-fil-A
At Graduation
Hired as an LDR for a software startup
Present Day
Thriving on his sales team, promoted, and exceeding his quotas
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