Lydia's Praxis Story

By junior year of high school, Lydia felt burnt out. She’d done well in school, landed some great scholarships, and been accepted into several colleges. But the thought of diving right back into more school didn’t feel right. So, Lydia began exploring her options and learned about gap years.

Instead of college, Lydia traveled the world for six months, experiencing different cultures. By the time her trip ended, she knew she wanted to find something else—something different than college. And that’s when Lydia found Praxis.

Lydia was hired at a growing real estate company in marketing and communications, where she climbed the ranks and earned more responsibility. Today, Lydia works in Project Management and Customer Success for a technology company that supports entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world.

Read more about Lydia’s decision to apply to Praxis here.

Before Praxis
Deferred college, took a gap year, traveled the world
At Graduation
Hired in marketing and communications for real estate company
Present Day
Project Manager and Customer Success Specialist at a tech company
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