Ljupco's Praxis Story

The years prior to joining Praxis, Ljupco knew he loved the financial side of business, he just wasn’t sure how that could actually play out into a career for him. He was 33 credits into his accounting degree when he dropped out of college. After dropping out, he knew he had to get something going with his career in order to achieve independence and start on the path to wealth.


His first breaking the mold experience happened when he decided to drop out of college and shadow a CEO for a real estate investment company. That was the start of his passion and zest for sales. He experimented with different sales roles in real estate, cars, and call centers until he discovered Praxis.

Through the program, he zeroed in on his enthusiasm for sales and learned how to take his skillset to the next level. Fast forward to today— he is a sales development representative for a software startup based in Las Vegas. He’s extremely happy with all that he’s learned and is really excited for where his career is going to take him in the next 3-5 years. He knows the journey takes patience but he knows he’s on the path of acceleration and success to reach his highest goals in his sales career.

Ljupco regularly publishes content on Medium & is a top-writer for productivity, entrepreneurship, and career.

Before Praxis
College dropout, door-to-door salesman, car sales, and working at a call center
At Graduation
Hired as an SDR for a software startup
Present Day
Thriving on his sales team and leading his own projects
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