Johanna Knapic

Johanna enjoyed school—and when she graduated high school, she already had a dream college picked out. She recalls going through the student loan process: “The loan for the first year at my dream school was as much as the loan my parents took out to buy their house…when I went to sign my loan documents, I started bawling. And I realized, these aren’t just numbers. I will have to pay this back someday.” So Johanna went to a state school instead.

But after a year, she realized she wanted to gain practical experience. So she made the decision to drop out—thinking of the decision as deferring enrollment until she was ready to go back.

And that’s when she discovered Praxis.

Fast forward, Johanna landed a job in the same industry she was originally interested in pursuing through college: hospitality, real estate, and the short-term rental space. Today, Johanna works in operations and management for the same company—helping manage their portfolio of short term rentals and much, much more.

You can check out more of Johanna’s work on her website, or read more about her experience on her blog.

Before Praxis

Dropped out of college to gain practical experience

At Graduation

Hired at a real estate and property management company

Present Day

Works in hospitality, operations, and property management

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