Joey's Praxis Story

Growing up, Joey was unschooled. And by the time he graduated high school, he knew college was not the right next step.

First, he pursued music. Then he moved to a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina with no electricity for a year to learn about mission work. After that he took a job in construction. Later he took a job working in mechanics. Then he worked on a turkey farm for a year.

About the same time, Joey discovered Praxis. He wanted to learn the practical business and tech skills he saw he was missing from his various experiences. Fast forward, and Joey landed a job gaining great experience for a tech company. Today, Joey gets to channel his love of working with people in his role as an Account Manager at a medical technology company.

“The last year being in Praxis has truly changed my life and my entire perspective of the world of business and professionalism. I’m so thankful for my time in the program and I can’t wait to see many others who go through and experience the same growth that I have.”

Read more about Joey’s experience here.

Follow his work on his website or check out his previous guest post on the Praxis blog, originally published on Joey’s personal blog.

Before Praxis
Unschooled, took a gap year, did multiple kinds of work
At Graduation
Hired in sales for a tech company
Present Day
Account Manager at a medical technology company
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