Joe's Praxis Story

Joe Pas always did well in school and was a dedicated musician. When it came time to go to college, music school was the choice that everyone naturally expected of him. But it was while he was attending classes at his dream school doing that he realized the path that had been laid for him wasn’t what he actually wanted. He soon dropped out and began researching alternatives to higher education.

In that search and a year of pursuing interests he had neglected for a long time, he came across Praxis mentioned in an article he just happened to click on. He was instantly intrigued by the college alternative aspect of it and the guarantee of landing a full-time role at the end.

A year later, he landed a role on the marketing team over at Marginal Revolution University, an edtech non-profit based in the DC metro area. Joe is still with MRU today and deems the role his perfect fit due to his passion for improved education resources and marketing.

You can view Joe’s blog archive on his site,

Before Praxis
Music school dropout looking for an alternative path
At Graduation
Hired at an edtech non-profit in DC
Present Day
Working on the marketing team at the same edtech non-profit
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