James Walpole

James was very academic, studious, and intellectually curious growing up. But as he neared high school graduation, something about college didn’t sit right with him. He knew he wanted something different—something more entrepreneurial. And that’s when James discovered Praxis.

Through Praxis, James gained real-world experience and got hired on as an early team member at a growing crypto-currency tech company. The experience taught him a lot, and as the company grew, so did his responsibilities and role. Ultimately, James was promoted to Marketing Manager. After several years in tech, James intentionally set out to hone other skills he thought would be valuable as he pursues his goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

“I’ve gone from a completely unskilled marketing intern to manager of a company’s marketing department in just a little more than a year, with no college degree and no student debt. I’ve finally started and finished creative work that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Read more about James’ decision to apply to Praxis here.

Before Praxis

Opted out of college to gain practical business experience

At Graduation

Hired as an intern at an early-stage cryptocurrency company where he was later promoted to Marketing Manager

Present Day

Changed careers to build new skills with the goal to start his own business

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