Jaiela's Praxis Story

Growing up, Jaiela was unschooled. From a young age, this instilled in her a great love of learning and the inner motivation to take her own life and education into her own hands.


As a teen, she took interest in many professional development and entrepreneurial pursuits, like co-founding Eden Pure Herbals, an herbal body products business. She also did things like becoming a certified placenta encapsulation specialist and completing an intensive three month coding bootcamp. By allowing herself to embark on such a variety of interests and professional endeavors, she was able to get clearer on what type of work in the world really excited her.

Knowing she didn’t want to go the traditional college route, her search for college alternatives began. When she discovered Praxis, it connected for her because she saw it as a way she could build practical skills and get guaranteed hands-on working experience in a real business.

She went into the program with an open mind for learning and exploring the different career options ahead of her. She surprised herself by taking a liking to sales and then eventually landing an awesome role in sales at the apparel fundraising startup, Bonfire.

Today, she is still the record-breaking employee on her team for making the earliest closed deal while still in the onboarding process. She loves using her drive to help others raise funds for the causes they care about.

Before Praxis
Unschooled, entrepreneur, and opted out of college to gain hands on experience
At Graduation
6 months of sales experience at her job at a startup
Present Day
A record-breaking business development rep at Bonfire, an online apparel fundraising company
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