David's Praxis Story

Entering the college age, David had a goal very common amongst young people from the Northeast area— NYC university -> MBA -> Wall Street. But it didn’t take him long to realize just how inapplicable most courses would be to his future career. While he found some of his classes interesting, he became hyper aware that he had the option to choose between learning those subjects for free with Google or for $50,000 a year. David picked the former and dropped out. A month later, he reapplied to Praxis and was accepted!

Through Praxis, David landed a role working with Forward Kitchens to help restaurateurs enter the future of the hospitality industry: virtual restaurants. Over the next decade, this untapped space will realize exponential growth, and David wants to see Forward Kitchens emerge as the top company in this area. He started in a classic SDR role and has since worked his way up to the lead for their sales team.

“Praxis is easily the best decision I’ve made. Every part about the program is awesome – from learning valuable skills during the bootcamp, to the amazing advisors who love seeing participants succeed after placement, all the way to the incredible community of like-minded, eager participants. Praxis simply cannot be beat.”

To follow David’s career progress or reach out to him, you can visit him through his LinkedIn.

Before Praxis
Business school dropout, working various odd jobs to gain work experience
Present Day
Sales team lead at growing virtual restaurant startup
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