Dana's Praxis Story

Dana knew that she wanted to do the kind of work that would have a strong focus on helping build and nurture communities. Growing up in a small town, the accessible options seemed to be career paths such as nursing, social work, or teaching. Dana wasn’t satisfied with the options that the traditional path was presenting her, so while working for her family’s local business, she began looking at other options.

Learning about Praxis from a family friend, she was instantly intrigued. After understanding more about the program, despite the imposter syndrome she was facing, she knew it was the right move for where she wanted to take her career.

She worked hard all throughout the bootcamp, taking up every opportunity there was to learn and implement feedback from her advisors. Her hard work eventually paid off when she landed a role with the NYC startup, HapDay. She moved all the way to the Big Apple, and took every challenge head on that comes with working at a global startup.

Starting in customer success and branding, her role eventually shifted to business operations where she gained incredibly valuable experiences on what it takes to grow an early stage startup that operates internationally.

To follow Dana’s work, you can connect with her on LinkedIn as well as follow HapDay’s company page.

Before Praxis
Working for family’s business, unsure of next career move
At Graduation
Moved to NYC to join a global startup
Present Day
Worked her way up to Business Operations Manager at HapDay
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