Meet Lydia

Instead of college, Lydia traveled the world for six months. By the time her trip ended, she knew she wanted to find something different than college. And that’s when Lydia found Praxis.

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Tyler Hawk

Tyler was working hard—but something was still missing. He wanted to find a jumping-off point for his career. Then he discovered Praxis.

Ryan Matlock

Ryan always loved filming and editing videos. But there was something missing. That’s when he discovered Praxis and went through a year-long transformation that jumpstarted his career.

Randalyn Hill

Today, Randi is a 20-year-old founder, running a marketing consulting company, building the life of her dreams.

Nick Rundlett

He beat his first company’s existing sales records in just 3 months of joining their team. Today, Nick is the sales team lead for a growing tech startup as well as runs a sales consultant business on the side.

Mitchell Broderick

By the end of his first year, Mitchell was earning six figures—and he closed more than a million dollars of business. And he did it all without college.

Mia Liang

With her strong drive and love for learning, Mia graduated high school a year and a half early. Now, she’s the youngest person on an SEO team in San Francisco.

Ljupco Stojanovski

33 credits into his accounting degree, he dropped out of college. Through Praxis, he went from doing door-to-door sales to selling software to CEOs via his new role in at a tech startup.

Joey Wickham

Growing up, Joey was unschooled. And by the time he graduated high school, he knew college was not the right next step.

Joe Pas

Joe realized the path laid out for him wasn’t what he actually wanted. Then he came across Praxis—and ended up finding a role that perfectly fits his passion.

James Walpole

James was very intellectually curious growing up. But as he neared high school graduation, something about college didn’t sit right with him.

Jaiela London

Through Praxis, Jaiela landed a role as a sales rep at an apparel fundraising startup. Within her first week on the job, she set the record for the fastest sale made by an onboarding employee.

David Fraile

David dropped out of college after realizing he could learn everything he wanted on Google. He has since worked his way up to being the lead of his entire sales team in less than a year.

Dana Arends

Going from the working experience of helping run her family’s local business, Dana worked her way into a role in business operations with the NYC startup, HapDay Group.

Aquinnah Bree

Aquinnah maintains that joining Praxis is in the top three best decisions she has ever made. Empowered to ditch the gatekeepers and forge her own path, she launched her freelance writing and editing business upon graduation.

Johanna Knapic

Johanna enjoyed school—and when she graduated high school, she already had a dream college picked out. But after a year, she realized she wanted to gain practical experience.

Taylor King

Taylor King started his first business as a teen—and after Praxis, he landed a job at a top advertising agency in New York.

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