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  • Do I have to skip college to join Praxis?

Definitely not.

Praxis is for anyone who is tired of waiting to create value and wants to start their career now rather than postpone it. From homeschoolers to law school dropouts, Praxis participants are bound together by a desire to accelerate their professional growth.

Some participants drop out, others skip college entirely, but many do the program after they graduate or as a gap year during college.

If you’re a gap year student, the program will help you better understand your interests, build a professional network, and learn what it’s like to work in the real world. Chances are you’ve spent your entire life in the classroom. A gap year with Praxis can be a great way to start practicing what you’re learning. You’ll get a professional experience that an internship or entry level job can’t offer and you’ll be better prepared when you do go back to school. When you finally graduate, you’ll have far more professional options than you would have if you’d just spent 4 years in the classroom. You’ll also have access to the Praxis business partner network of over 100 amazing companies around the country.

Interested in transitioning from student to entrepreneur? Download the Praxis program guide to learn more.

If you’re a college graduate already, Praxis will put you in a position to do valuable, meaningful work. Many of our applicants come to the program because they’re stuck in a boring 9-5 cubicle job and don’t know how to get the skills or experience they need to make a transition to something they love. The 6 month bootcamp and 6 month apprenticeship will give you 2-3 years of career experience at a startup in just 12 months. More importantly, you’ll have had a 6 month apprenticeship to prove yourself and earn a full-time offer; 96% of Praxis grads do, with an average starting pay of $50k a year.

Our goal is not to convince you not to go to college. It’s to help you do the things that make you come alive. If college is included in that list, great! You can still succeed in the program.