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  • What are the requirements for joining Praxis?

There are no hard requirements to do Praxis.

We aren’t looking to make people jump through hoops to put a little check mark in a box. Praxis is radically different than most options that are available to young people today and by necessity, we’re looking for people who aren’t just following all the rules so that they can fill out a resume. A ton of hard requirements would be contrary to our goals as a company.

In fact, one of the things we stress in throughout the program is that most professional requirements can be sidestepped by simply doing good work and learning how to sell yourself. Participants leave the program masters at both.

Participants come from all walks of life. Some are high school or college dropouts. Others are young professionals with 2-3 years of experience under their belt. Some are homeschoolers, others public schooled. Some are artists, others highly technical.

What’s common among all of them is that they are highly coachable, they’re interested in the world around them, they’re ambitious and self-driven, they can communicate effectively, and they can learn quickly.

When we review applicants to the program, we look for those qualities first. We’ve found they tell us much more about a person than GPAs, certifications, and other traditional accolades a young person might pick up during their school years.

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