• Praxis
  • Praxis is Now Available in Canada

We’re excited to announce that 2017 brings with it our first international year. Starting today, we are accepting applications for Canadian participants who wish to apprentice with startups in Canada. This international expansion allows us to serve increasing demand from ambitious young people looking to break the mold outside of the United States.
If you are a young Canadian who is looking for more than a mere 9-5 job, looking to get more out of your education than just sitting in a classroom and being lectured at, and are dedicated to consistent professional and personal growth, apply now to join Praxis.
Our business partners are some of the fastest growing companies in the country and those who are hungry for the best young talent out there. We partner with companies based on how quickly they are growing — not just if they are a sexy young startup. This allows our participants the opportunity to go from zero to full-fledged team member in no-time. Our partners need people who want to grow and expand with the company. (If this describes your company, email me today.)
We’re excited for this new chapter in Praxis’ growth and the opportunity to bring the power of breaking the mold to even more ambitious young people. Join us if you, too, are excited.