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  • Can I do Praxis as a gap year?

You don’t have to skip college to do Praxis. Some of our participants choose to do Praxis as a gap year after high school, during a four-year college stint, or right after graduation.

Why should I do a Praxis gap year?

If you like school but don’t know what you want to do with your life, you don’t have to keep spending tens of thousands per year in tuition to figure it out. The best way to learn what you like to do is to do stuff. Praxis gives you a faster, more fulfilling, and net zero cost way to do stuff with amazing companies – with no degree requirement.

Participants gain valuable work experience in startup environments where a few months of work are equivalent to a couple of years of experience in most jobs. Over the two semesters when your peers will be sitting in lecture halls, you’ll be learning how to get any job you want. While your peers go to fraternity or sorority parties, you’ll be building a creative track record in the kinds of work you really want to do, whether that’s writing or podcasting, business or art.

Give us one year. If you decide you want to return to school, you go back with no student debt, excellent experience, and more than likely a few job offers on the table.

Will my school be OK with it?

Most colleges, financial aid programs, and tuition scholarships are flexible and will allow students to take a couple of semesters off (or defer initial enrollment) for gap years. Schools are especially supportive of gap year students if students can show how they’ll be using their time off for personal and professional development. That’s where a Praxis startup apprenticeship shines as a gap year option.

When you return from your hiatus, you’ll be able to show your school an extensive portfolio of personal creative work and the tangible value you created for your Praxis business partner. Plus, if you’re like 98% of Praxis grads , you’ll have job offers by the end of the program – an opportunity that schools want their alumni to have – before you even finish your undergrad.

What if I decide not to go back to school?

Some of our grads decide after doing Praxis that they don’t want to go back to school. That choice is always open. A Praxis gap year will make you better at school, but more importantly, it will make you better than school.

By the time you finish the program, you will have mastered the art of self-directed learning. You’ll have more valuable work experience and marketable skills than 99% of your peers. And your degree status will be irrelevant. So whatever you decide to do, you’ll be able to make that decision because you want to do it, not because you have to. That’s really what we want you to take away from a Praxis gap year.

Are you in? Set up a call with us and let’s talk about making a great gap year.

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