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  • How does the Praxis education experience differ from a college education experience?

The Praxis education experience is unique in that it does not disconnect regular content consumption from regular content creation.

Rather than, for example, studying for an entire semester to be able to pass a midterm and a final, Praxis participants tie each act of learning to a deliverable act of creation at least once every thirty days. Rather than producing infrequently in a structured classroom setting, Praxis participants produce in the real world and for real people outside of school.

In practical terms, that means writing a blog post for a personal blog or a third party like Praxis participant Cody Chipman. It means launching a podcast like Praxis participant Evan Le. It means creating a product or a service like participant Abbey Lovett. It means creating a microsite around a specific project of yours or writing a book like Praxis participant Mitchell Earl.

In fundamentals, it means the recognition that the best learning, in any subject, comes through real-world application of the knowledge you are trying to acquire and real-world feedback.

This is a large divergence from the way we’re taught to learn growing up.

Students today spend years in college “preparing” for the day they’re finally “qualified” to apply their knowledge, only to graduate on the other side with nothing but a hodgepodge of memorized facts and very little knowledge of how to translate that into a productive life for themselves.

Praxis exists because young people need better than that if they want to be happy and successful.

Our education program is custom tailored to the needs and goals of each specific participant. Rather than following a set syllabus, participants work with an advisor to determine learning goals, build a plan, and “ship” those goals in the form of a concrete project every single month.

Participants graduate with a portfolio of these projects and the skills and experience they need to continue along a path of lifelong learning.
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