Praxis isn’t magic.
The goal of Praxis is simple: to help you accelerate and amplify your personal success.
If you’re not looking for that, we won’t waste your time.
If we can’t help you do that, we don’t want your money.

What you won’t get

People often ask me “What do I get when I complete the program?” Believe it or not, this question is frequently posed. What they’re looking for is some kind of certificate or credential they can use as their golden ticket.
We’re not in the business of giving away golden tickets.
Life isn’t a lotto. Success isn’t a raffle. And Praxis is not magic.
We’re not here to place a crown on your head or stick a piece of paper in your hand that will supposedly make people want to hire you merely because you got good grades, paid your dues, followed the map, obeyed instructions, played by the rules, showed up to class, passed your tests, and received strong recommendations from experts.

What you will get

We’re here to take hard-working people and show them how to create the results they want without waiting around for the world’s permission. We’re here to help people get out of the preparation mindset and into the value-creation mindset.
We are the fitness trainers for people’s careers.

You can’t buy health

When someone walks into gym, a good fitness trainer doesn’t say “Give me 50 pushups” or “Go run around the track for 15 minutes.”
A good fitness trainer asks “What do you want? Why are you here? What are you trying to achieve?” If the client doesn’t know the answers to those questions, a good fitness trainer will help them process their preferences and clarify their priorities.
After goals have been identified, a good fitness trainer will help their client translate those goals into specific, measurable, and purpose-driven action steps. Then the fitness trainer will equip them with practical tools, show them how to use their resources, keep them accountable, challenge them along the way, provide constructive feedback, and help them make sure they are focusing on the things that will help them achieve their goals.
But there’s one thing a fitness trainer can’t do: they can’t transform you with magic.
They can’t change your eating habits for you. They can’t do the exercises for you. They can’t exercise patience and persistence for you. They can’t make you desire or do anything you won’t desire or do for yourself.

You can’t buy happiness

As the fitness trainers for your career, here’s what we provide:

  • We provide you with a six-month entrepreneurial bootcamp to help you develop your personal brand, establish a professional online presence, and master the core skills you need to thrive in any business partnership.
  • We provide you with an apprenticeship experience where you get paid to work for a company that will provide you full-time work experience, mentorship from the management team, an opportunity for growth within the company, and a 96% chance at a job offer when you successfully finish the program.
  • We provide you with weekly coaching sessions for the entire nine months of the program where you get to focus on your goals, your creative challenges, and your individual needs.
  • We provide you with a plethora of curriculum materials, online courses, skills workshops, and professional development projects that you can use to develop useful skills and push yourself towards your goals.
  • We provide you with weekly group discussions where you get to build your network and interact with entrepreneurs, artists, authors, thought-leaders, and scholars.
  • We provide you with access to a community of over 250 (and growing fast) participants and graduates who regularly meet for reading groups, brainstorming sessions, social hangouts, philosophy discussions, and accountability challenges.

That’s what we provide.

What you provide

As a participant, you provide the fuel, the ambition, the hustle, the willingness to take ownership of what you want, the determination to take action. This is what makes Praxis work.
When we’re done working with our program participants, there is one epiphany that will shine more brightly in their minds than anything else: You are your own golden ticket. You make your own magic. You have the permission and the power to create your own maps.

You have to want it

Praxis is not magic, but we can show you how to make your own.
If you’re ready to be challenged, we can help you become a superior version of yourself. If you’re ready to put in the work, we can put you in a position to be the predominant creative force in your personal and professional life.
If you’re looking for someone or something besides yourself that will make your dreams come true, this is not the program for you.
If you’re ready to take the reins and put in the work to discover and do what makes you come alive, apply today.

Interested in transitioning from student to entrepreneur? Download the Praxis program guide to learn more.