Podcasts by Praxis

The Deliberate Dropout

If you’ve decided to drop out or are unhappy at college and thinking of dropping out, stay tuned as we go through the experience and help lay out how to go from dropping out to building a thriving career. We are here to dissect the decision to drop out of college and break it down through Praxis Alumni, Ljupco Sojanovski’s, lived experience. 


Praxis CEO, Cameron Sorsby, and Praxis COO, Mitchell Earl, explore what it takes to build a legendary life and career on your own terms through conversations and interviews with people who have paved their own way to success. If you’re ready to jump off the conveyor belt, cookie-cutter, “way it’s always been done” path to success. . . in pursuit of your own self-directed life. . . then buckle up. You’re in for a wild ride!

Forward Tilt

Praxis founder, Isaac Morehouse, shares stories and lessons about the future of work. The economy is undergoing a massive change. Small startups are replacing giant companies and creating entirely new industries at a rapid pace. Entrepreneurship is reshaping our world, but higher education remains the same stale and rigid institution. If you are an ambitious young person, ready to light a fire under your life and career, Forward Tilt is for you.