Our business partners regularly hire more than one apprentice.

Trained by Praxis. Perfect for your startup.

Hiring is broken. Praxis connects you to high-quality professionals early in their career who want to learn on the job by creating value for you. Participants complete a 6-month professional bootcamp prior to being matched with your company where they learn everything they need to start strong from day one.

How It Works

Bring us your hiring needs

Looking to build your sales team? What about hiring that first junior marketing associate or generalist for your ops department? Praxis apprentices are looking to fill a wide range of non-tech roles where they can pick up transferable skills and create value for your business.

Get access to our talent portal

Once your request has been approved, our placement team will give you access to our talent portal and work closely with you to find the best talent for your team. You’ll be able to review in-depth candidate profiles and set up interviews immediately. Our apprentices have a 96% employment rate after the program and our business partners regularly hire more than one. You won’t be disappointed.

Receive weekly Praxis support

Praxis apprentices have access to ongoing training from professional advisors and live group discussions to help them grow as employees at your company throughout their apprenticeship. In addition to their training, business partners have a direct line of communication to Praxis at all times to let us know what they want their apprentice to work on.

Low Commitment, High Impact.

You pay your apprentice a minimum of $2,500 per month, provide an opportunity for at least one self-guided project, and maintain communication with Praxis staff through monthly check-ins.

Our business partners and apprentices have the best experience when there is a high-level of buy-in to the success of the apprenticeship.

We curently have 75+ Active Business Partners in North America. Hundreds of apprentices have been hired through Praxis by some of the top startups across the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s low cost, low risk, and higher return than typical interns or entry-level hires. Praxis vets and trains the best and brightest professionals just starting their careers. Because it’s an apprenticeship and not an internship, there’s far greater buy-in. Your apprentices are there to learn, grow, and create value fast.

Fill out the form above and tell us a bit about your business. We’ll get in touch. If it’s a good fit, we’ll get to work identifying Praxis participants who could fill the roles you’re hiring for!

We work with high-growth businesses that are serious about investing in quality talent and have a healthy team culture. Most of our business partners are tech startups, but we focus less on the specific industry and more on the opportunity for our apprentices to grow and learn through experience.