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Maddox Locher

After graduating high school in 2020, Maddox knew that college wouldn’t be the path forward for him. Between the debt, the weak approach towards building a career, and the amount of time needed, he knew…
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Tyler Hawk

Tyler wanted to make it in music. He had a band. They were playing gigs. He was bartending to make ends meet. And he also had a job working technical support at the Apple Store.…
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Ryan Matlock

As a young teen, Ryan Matlock taught himself how to create and edit podcasts and videos online. His parents encouraged him to build these skills as a part of his homeschooling. At 19 years old,…
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Randalyn Hill

Randi liked learning but wasn’t sold on how it was done. As an early high school graduate at 16, she started looking for opportunities that didn’t include college. During the gap year she’d taken, she…
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Mitchell Broderick

Mitchell Broderick started working at Taco Bell while in high school. This first experience in a business taught him a lot about interacting with customers. And he loved it. After high school Mitchell continued working…
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Mia Liang

Mia started dancing when she was 10 and quickly fell in love with it. She homeschooled herself throughout high school due to the hours that she dedicated in the studio. With her strong drive and…
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Ljupco Stojanovski

33 credits into his accounting degree, he dropped out of college. Through Praxis, he went from doing door-to-door sales to selling software to CEOs via his new role in at a tech startup.
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Joey Wickham

Growing up, Joey was unschooled. And by the time he graduated high school, he knew college was not the right next step. First, he pursued music. Then he moved to a cabin in the mountains…
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Joe Pas

Joe Pas always did well in school and was a dedicated musician. When it came time to go to college, music school was the choice that everyone naturally expected of him. But it was while…
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James Walpole

James was very academic, studious, and intellectually curious growing up. But as he neared high school graduation, something about college didn’t sit right with him. He knew he..
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Jaiela London

Growing up, Jaiela was unschooled. From a young age, this instilled in her a great love of learning and the inner motivation to take her own life and education into her own hands. As a…
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David Fraile

Entering the college age, David had a goal very common amongst young people from the Northeast area— NYC university -> MBA -> Wall Street. But it didn’t take him long to realize just how inapplicable…
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Dana Arends

Dana knew that she wanted to do the kind of work that would have a strong focus on helping build and nurture communities. Growing up in a small town, the accessible options seemed to be…
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Aquinnah Bree

By the time she was 12 years old, Aquinnah knew she didn’t want to go to college. She also didn’t have a backup plan, so she ended up applying anyway. When her first acceptance letter…
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Johanna Knapic

Johanna enjoyed school—and when she graduated high school, she already had a dream college picked out. She recalls going through the student loan process: “The loan for the first year at my dream school was…
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Taylor King

Taylor King started his first business as a teen—AppleEasy, a tech repair service. He combined his interest in tinkering with other people’s need for maintenance and repair on household tech items, to run his own…
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Lydia Hodgson

By junior year of high school, Lydia felt burnt out. She’d done well in school, landed some great scholarships, and been accepted into several colleges. But the thought of diving right back into more school…
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