Ever since we started Praxis in 2013, our mission has been to help young adults who want to break the mold discover and do what makes them come alive without the cost and hassle of college.

We believe the most fulfilling careers are discovered and forged through experience, not from sitting in classrooms or collecting credentials. It takes an exemplary work ethic, a strong desire to learn independently, and personal responsibility to bet on yourself, rather than traditional institutions like college.

We help our apprentices do this through our one-year apprenticeship program that combines a 6-month professional bootcamp with a full-time paid job at a high-growth startup or independent small business. Our grads launch promising careers in one year while their college peers, on average, take nearly 6 years just to graduate.

Over the past 19 months I’ve witnessed colleges fail to support and serve their students through continued increased tuition costs and a series of Covid-19 policies that have severely limited a student’s ability to thrive intellectually and socially while doing little to prepare them to build a career they love.

It’s important that ambitious, hard-working young people have more educational and professional development options as they transition into the real world given the failing state of colleges across the country today.

As the leader of Praxis I strive every day to make sure we are in the best position possible to help each one of our apprentices develop the mindsets, habits, skills, and network necessary to discover and do what makes them come alive – on their own terms. Our mission is more vital than ever given the changing landscape of higher education and the professional world.

It is with these considerations in mind that we have decided to share our Covid-19 policy and announce a new scholarship opportunity below.

Cameron Sorsby
Praxis CEO

Our COVID-19 Policy

Your vaccination status is none of our business. We respect your right to determine what’s best for you, as well as your right to privacy. We will never inquire about, nor discriminate on the basis of vaccination status.

Announcing The 2021 Praxis Medical Freedom Scholarship

For students who have been affected by their university’s response to COVID-19 and are looking for something different, we’re pleased to announce a new scholarship program.

We will honor a $1,000 tuition scholarship for The Praxis Apprenticeship Program for any current or former college student who applies and is accepted for a 2022 cohort.

Any current, recently unenrolled, or prospective college student who has had their college experience impacted by their university’s response to COVID-19 is eligible to apply.

Deadline to Apply:
Applications for The 2021 Praxis Medical Freedom Scholarship will close December 15th, 2021.

To get started:
Start an application for a 2022 Praxis Apprenticeship Program Cohort here. In one of your essay responses include the following, “Applicant for The 2021 Praxis Medical Freedom Scholarship”.