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  • How Does Praxis Match Me With A Business?

One of the most common questions we get is how we place participants with business partners. What’s the secret? How does the process happen? Do participants get a say in the placement?

Don’t worry — we don’t just blindly match participants with a company on the other side of the country. We don’t just plug you into a spreadsheet or an algorithm and say, “deal with it.” There’s a finely-tuned human component that helps match participants with the best companies based on their values, skills, interests, and geographical preferences.

Our business partners are defined by one thing over all else: growth. Growing companies have the best opportunity for Praxis participants to join and add value to the team, see how the company is creating value, and really get into the trenches with the team.

Once a candidate is accepted to Praxis, our Placement Specialist works with the participant to cross-reference their skills, values, and geographical preferences with our list of business partners at that time. We sit down with the participant and help them figure out what it is that they hate and want to avoid and what it is they want to get out of the program.

They develop a skills index and a pitch deck to help tell their story and convey the value they bring to the table for business partners. Participants also develop a portfolio of projects, writing samples, and a personal website to establish their brand as an individual who will create value for our business partners.

Our Placement Specialist then sends their info to a business partner to review and, should the business partner like what they see, sets up an interview with the participant. Before the interviews, the Placement Specialist and advisors work with participants to give them the best knowledge about a business partner and interview preparation tips.

Participants are free to interview with multiple companies and take an offer as soon as they get one or wait to receive multiple offers. It is then up to the participant whether or not they want to work with a business partner.

Our Placement Specialist and business development team are trained to look for common traits and values between participants and businesses. We strive to make the placement process as smooth as possible with the best possible fits for participants. Our network exists of growing companies who need talent to help them grow and we want to make that happen.

How we do that is to take top talent and pair them with these companies. If that sounds exciting to you, apply now or schedule a call with us.