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  • Homeschooling: A Few of my Favorite Things

Where your mom and your teacher are the same person.
Where people assume you are unsocialized because you don’t depend on children your age.
Where learning is an experience, not just a necessity.
Every homeschool kid can agree: regardless of what other people say, we have an education that nothing can compare to. Here are 10 things I love about homeschooling.

1.You can create your own curriculum.

It’s not all about Math and English. I studied body language like a madwoman for several months and wrote a paper about my findings. If you had forced me to complete a psychology course, I can guarantee I wouldn’t have learned so much through the experience.
Praxian Caitlyn Scheel wrote about the mindset behind creating your own curriculum in high school. It’s no joke! And independent learning is one of the greatest skills you’ll ever build.

2.It’s easy to apply what you learn.

When you’re not studying just because of a test, learning becomes much more fun. If you don’t have to stick to a schedule, you can spend hours re-creating a science project or studying architecture with legos.
Even Business Insider admitted that homeschooling is the best way to give your kids the education they need to function in the real world. “Traditional school is nothing like the real world.” Every homeschooler agrees.

3.Homeschooling is a better social experience.

Many critics wonder at the social value of homeschooling. I laugh. I had a much fuller social experience than many kids because I wasn’t only around kids my age all day. I had to interact with adults and young children alike.
The only place you interact only with people your age is school. It’s simply unrealistic and frankly, it does nothing to prepare kids for life outside the classroom.

4.You cement what you learn by passing on the information.

My favorite thing to do was teach others what I learned. When you homeschool, this happens naturally.
Some schools include mentorship in their strategy. It’s been proven that older students are great teachers for younger students! But in homeschool, you don’t have to build a system for this mentorship concept to come alive! It’s like breathing to us.

5.You have the chance to explore what you love.

It’s a beautiful thing when your passions and interests drive you to learn. In fact, it really doesn’t make sense to learn any other way. Children don’t have to be forced to learn, especially if they are pursuing something they enjoy.

6.There’s more time for fun.

My public schooled friends would drop their mouths open when I told them we went on field trips every week. (More than that, if you count the park and the bowling alley.) I can’t stress the importance of learning through experience.

7.It’s easy to become an entrepreneur.

Homeschooling is a lot like entrepreneurship, when you think about it. Don’t believe me? Check this out!

8.There’s much less stress.

No bus to catch. No annoying buzzers. No school principal to fear (although your mom may be enough motivation!) Sleeping in. Rainy day documentaries. Doing school outside. The homeschool enviroment is perfect for relaxed learning!

9.Your future isn’t such struggle.

A great career naturally flows from a homeschool experience. Many homeschool students have held a real job for several years before completing high school. They know they’ll have time to figure life out as they go. They tend to succeed whether they choose to pursue college or not.

10.You get a clear picture of what learning truly is.

‘Nuff said. Learning is not about checking boxes and getting good grades.

Homeschooling is the smartest way to teach kids. Homeschooled students have known this for decades, and the rest are starting to catch on quickly.