Praxis + Startups = 🚀

Praxis connects you to high-quality professionals early in their career who want to learn on the job by creating value for you. 

Let's start with our students 👩‍🎓

Through our admissions process, Praxis vets every student through for work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and character – before they even start the program. Then our students undergo 6 months of professional development and skill development where they learn everything they need to crush it in the modern workplace. We currently support roles across sales, marketing, customer service, and operations. Our students are ready to roll up their sleeves and bring outsized value from day one.

While every student is unique, we rigorously interview for these values prior to admission.
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Strong work ethic

Praxis participants are the types of people that will moonlight as a bartender so they can buy a house with a higher % down.

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Growth mindset

We look for young people that consider different perspectives, take risks, make mistakes, and show a history of learning.

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Clear communicators

There's no reason to hire someone if you can't rely and understand them. We value reliable and clear communcation above all else.

Our partner program in a nutshell 🥜

The above sound like a match made in heaven for your business? Here's a glimpse at what it looks like to start working with us. 

Partner Onboarding
We'll learn about your business and hiring needs. If it's a mutual  fit, we'll start sending candidates your way as soon as the next day. 
Participant Matching
We'll send you a few links to profiles for qualified candidates that are ready to interview. Praxis candidates are always ready to interview within 48 hours.
The Hire
Once hired, Praxis continues to offer career coaching and mentorship to students for their first six months on the job – so they continue to learn and grow while they're working for your business.

This isn't our first rodeo 🐴




Program Graduates


Years in Operation


Have 3 @DiscoverPraxis apprentices @pandadoc already. Each of them are booking over 40 opportunities a month & ramping fast. Their model is the future.

Jared Fuller

VP of Sales,


@DiscoverPraxis alum as Chief of Staff and 2 active participants in marketing dept delivering real value and #results for @Ceterus

Levi Morehouse



Less than a month in, @CharlesPorges is already moving our needle at @GuildQuality. Very glad to have him.

Geoff Graham


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