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More questions from Praxis participants are the focus of this episode. This brings up the subject of the rational mind versus the gut instinct. Then we throw in a flashback from another early Praxis participant wondering how to get things done.
We’re getting close to the Season 3 finale! We’re lining up something cool for this- stay tuned!

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Gut Instinct vs. Rational Mind

When starting business or taking your life in a different direction (AKA when you have uncertainty) what choices would you make only with your gut instinct, what decisions do you make with only your rational thinking, and which decisions should be a combination of both?

Read or Write?

If you had to decide between only being able to read for the rest of your life, versus only being able to write, which would you choose?

Free College and Education Alternatives

I feel like free college is a popular topic in the US, especially with the next election coming up. Without getting political, I’m curious how you think free college could impact other routes of education (not talking about Praxis in particular.)

I need approval to get things done

I’m experiencing the biggest struggle getting started. Pitch decks, WordPress… all of this stuff is new to me and I know that my work is cringy. Anytime I have an idea, I feel like can’t pursue the idea until someone tells me it’s a good idea. I want to start my website’s blog, but the first few posts paralyze me, and I find myself wanting someone to check my deliverables before I submit them for feedback on Workplace. Starting with my pitch deck or résumé, sharing work with large groups like workplace or slack, terrifies me. I feel like I need one-on-one approval before doing so.