FAQ for Parents

What is Praxis

Praxis is a one-year startup apprenticeship program and career accelerator for young people who want more than college. We combine a 6-month, online bootcamp with a 6-month, full-time, paid apprenticeship at a high-growth startup.

What types of Jobs are available through the program?

Participants land exciting opportunities at a variety of growing businesses and tech startups all across the country (and remote). Most of the roles are entry-level positions on the business side of a company (sales, marketing, operations) that are ideal for talented, hard working young people who can learn quickly and independently. All the opportunities that participants land are full-time and offer long-term growth opportunities. Graduates average a first-year salary of $50,000.

Will my child have to relocate for placement?

Most participants relocate to growing cities across the country for their job opportunities. We won’t force your child to accept a job they’re unsure about or move to a new city they don’t want to, but most find this to be their optimal path. Think of it this way- it might be the shot to get the kid out of the house without crippling student loans. Don’t miss it.

How much does tuition cost?

Tuition is $12,000—which covers the full cost of our program and job placement, in addition to lifetime membership in our community. Ultimately, we don’t want cost to stand in your way or cause unnecessary stress during your program experience. Which is why we also offer you the option to defer tuition until you graduate with a job. Plus, our tuition is backed by a full guarantee—if you don’t get hired within six months of completing the bootcamp, no matter what payment option you choose, you’ll get your money back.

What does my child need to be accepted?

We don’t care about your GPA, who you know, or how much you’ve donated to the Alumni fund. We’re seeking ambitious individuals who want to build a professional life they love and are capable of being positive contributors to our growing community. If your child likes to work, is intellectually curious, and has a little courage, we would love for them to apply.

What parents are saying

Jeff Merten on his son’s Praxis experience

“My son described one week of Praxis as equal to one year of University. After watching him bored with Freshman year of college, I could not be happier we discovered Praxis. Real life business experience, start up connections and a great paying job in less than a year. Praxis has broken the mold and offered a much needed option to costly, sometimes worthless University degrees.”

Ty King on his son’s Praxis experience

“The program itself was very impactful in getting Taylor ready for this leap into the unknown and they were able to get Taylor a job in New York City with a $5 billion advertising/media company. After his first 6 months, the company offered him a full-time job with more money and this has provided Taylor with a great foundation for his future. He was always independent and driven but his level of maturity has skyrocketed since doing the Praxis program. We are very proud of him and are 100% sure this was the right path for him.”

Marsha Iddings on her daughter’s Praxis experience

“When Sarah said she wanted to quit her nursing home job to pursue Praxis training and apprenticeship, we were skeptical, but since she was paying for it and it was her decision we rolled with it. We were nervous about moving her clear across the U.S. She soon discovered she loved the work and the people there. We were thrilled when Classical Conversations hired her on permanently. The photo was taken the first day of our eight-day drive to her apprenticeship.”

A deep dive with Lauren Marlowe and her dad Seth

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