Most Popular Questions

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How can I be sure Praxis will pay off for me?

I’m a college grad looking for a career change. Can Praxis help me?

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Why do Praxis when you can just go get a job?

How does the Praxis education experience differ from a college education experience?

Why Would Successful Companies Willingly Take Someone With No Degree?

General Program Questions

Are Praxis participants interns?

What kinds of companies are Praxis business partners?

What skills and experiences do Praxis participants gain during the apprenticeship?

How does the Praxis apprenticeship differ from a normal, entry level job or internship?

What is the relationship between participants and program advisors?

Can I keep my job during the 6 month Praxis bootcamp?

Post Program Questions

What do Praxis participants do after they complete the program?

Financial Questions

How can I pay for Praxis?

Can I use 529 Savings Plan Funds to pay for Praxis?

Application Process Questions

What are the requirements for joining Praxis?

Do I need a high school diploma to join Praxis?

Can Praxis still help me if I’m more interested in arts than business?

Logistics Questions

Where are Praxis business partners located?

How does Praxis match me with a business?

What is it like to move for the Praxis program?

Where does Praxis take place?

Can I do Praxis as a gap year?

Do I have to skip college to join Praxis?

Can I do Praxis if I’m from outside the United States?

Praxis Participants

How do I get the most out of my Praxis apprenticeship?

Praxis seems to be too good to be true? What’s the catch?

Diana Zitting Reviews Praxis

How I can prepare for Praxis while I’m in high school?

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