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  • I’m a college grad looking for a career change. Can Praxis help me?


At Praxis we don’t focus on your formal educational status.

Whether you have no degree, an undergraduate degree or two, or graduate degree, if you want to dive in to an intense professional development program and startup career, we can help.  We have participants and alumni with and without degrees.  We don’t have a hard age limit, but the program works best for people just getting started in their career. We look for intelligent, driven, hard-working people with “forward tilt” who pass the sleep in your car test.

If you’re a recent grad searching for a job and tired of tossing out resumes and waiting for a response, or if you’re working in a job you hate and want a change, Praxis could be an excellent way to leap-frog several more years of dullness and get right into meaningful work with huge upside.

There’s a common assumption that you just need to put your head down and grind out years of crappy jobs until you get rewarded with better opportunities.  That’s totally untrue.  It’s never been more important to create your own opportunities and develop yourself, your brand, and your value independent of well-defined corporate jobs.  The good news is, it’s also never been easier to do this.  We can help.
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