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  • What is the difference between Praxis and online professional education programs?


Our core belief is that genuine learning demands a meaningful context. You have to be doing things and dealing with real-world challenges for knowledge to actually stick. We call it the practice-practice-theory process. Theories and ideas are great, but they don’t do much good until and unless you have real, skin-in-the-game practice already underway. You don’t learn to ride a bike by reading about it, and you don’t learn skills for professional success through lectures.

Praxis isn’t a static list of content to consume. Praxis is work experience + a live, vibrant community of learners + individual coaching + project based mastery.

Real World Experience

Praxis participants do real work in real startups. It’s not about memorizing business buzzwords, it’s about creating value and getting your hands dirty in the trenches. Nothing teaches business and entrepreneurship like working in a business with entrepreneurs. This is the heart and soul of Praxis. Nothing beats learning by doing.

Curiosity and Reflection

To get good you need to practice. To become great you need to ask questions, reflect, observe, abstract and derive general principles from that practice. The Praxis curriculum is specifically tailored to increase awareness of causal connections and develop habits and traits that ensure personal growth and success. It’s a combination of excellent content, personal coaching sessions, group discussions, live workshops, and self-driven projects. From writing and speaking skills to social and emotional intelligence, Praxis doesn’t just impart facts or tell you what to think and do, instead we show you examples and challenge you to create your own goals and build projects to achieve them.

Results, not Status

The Praxis education experience is transformative and results in tangible proof of value created and skills mastered. Participants build a personal website and deliver their completed projects to it each month. You walk away with a real signal of value, worth more than any static list of resume bullets.