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The questions for this episode all came from current Praxis participants on Slack. Entrepreneurship is a key subject during the conversation- they cover the biggest obstacles they’ve faced while starting Praxis, and advise a wannabe entrepreneur how to embark on a first venture.
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Answering Interview Questions with Complete Honesty

“Way back towards the end of Season 1, you and Isaac gave insight on whether or not the interview question ‘How long do you see yourself at the company?’ should be answered with complete honesty when the job seeker knows that they won’t be at the company forever. In summary you guys explain how both parties understand that the job seeker won’t be at the company forever, and that it’s weird to tell the interviewer when you would expect to leave. In other words, it’s not lying to not tell the interviewer when you plan on leaving.
I agree with you guys, in context of several years or so. However, would your view on this change if the job seeker knew for a fact that they would be quitting just a few months after taking the job? Someone I know recently got his first job, and he’s already interviewing at better local jobs. I wouldn’t see much of a problem with this if he wasn’t moving to another state in just a couple months. I feel that it’s disrespectful to accept an offer knowing that he would be quitting shortly after, but he doesn’t agree. How should a job seeker answer this interview question in this scenario? Is it still not considered dishonest to avoid telling the interviewer how long you plan on staying?”

Showing my Work When I’m Young

“This question relates to showing your work and process. I’m curious to hear your throughs on the balance of vulnerability and professionalism. Being on the young side (I’m 17) I struggle with knowing how much to show my learning process without looking juvenile. I know people don’t expect me to have a lot of experience at my age but I tend to like to be prepared and have it together. I would appreciate your insight.”

Digital Marketing Projects

As I’m approaching Month 2 [of the Praxis bootcamp] I’m deciding on a project that will give me some experience in digital marketing such as Facebook ads, SEO, or email marketing. I have very little experience in this but it’s something I want to have at least a solid grasp on when I start my apprenticeship. I’m leaning toward starting a dropshipping site and testing Facebook ads to drive traffic. My question is: do you have any other suggestion for project ideas to get my feet wet in digital marketing, or even online courses/ content that will give me more knowledge in this?

Obstacles when starting Praxis

I’m curious to know what were some obstacles you faced when starting up Praxis, and how you overcame them.

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Check out 11 Lessons from Bootstrapping a Non-Tech Startup on Amazon. If you don’t want to buy the book, it’s published as a long article here on Medium.

I want to start my own business

I have a dream of owning my own business. I love craft coffee and wine, and want to open a business where I can share that love with the world. I’ve worked in different coffee shops and restaurants, and know I enjoy the work. I’m afraid of the financial side of opening up a shop; I know there is risk in opening any business, but I’m mostly afraid because I don’t know where to begin. Any advice on where to begin?

The Greatest Assets You Can Have

In your opinion, what are the three greatest assets/ skills a person can have as they go into the business world, regardless of their desired career path?