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  • Curriculum Overview: Module 4

“If you want to do, you’ve got to know how to think.”

Module 3 of Praxis was all about shipping content every day. Module 4 is exactly the opposite. In this module participants focus on challenging their minds and constantly consuming information.
Why focus a module on Philosophy, Critical Thinking, and History during an apprenticeship bootcamp?

  1. To be a content creator, you need to know how to consume content. From the curriculum:

    Consuming ideas also makes you better at creating ideas. If you want to learn, you need to continually consume, distill, and reflect. It’s essential to solving to problems, learning skills, and generating ideas. Mix it up. The best ideas come from regularly engaging with other ideas. The most prolific producers are voracious consumers.

  2. Philosophy can only help your career. Philosophers are accustomed to stepping away from problems and assessing them from different angles.
  3. Big ideas give context to the world around you.
  4. Big ideas make you smarter.
    From the curriculum:

    “Genuine entrepreneurship is about creative problem solving. You need an agile mind.
    Think of this module as a gym for your brain. The more you work it out, the stronger it gets. The stronger it is, the more adept you are at understanding and shaping the world around you.”

Here’s an overview of Module 4 created by Praxis participant Christian Pauls:

  • Week 1: Why Philosophy Matters and How to Approach It
  • Week 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Critical Reasoning
  • Week 3: History and Culture
  • Week 4: Creativity and Forward Thinking

The deliverable for each week is a video that participants create. In the video, they practice selling the ideas they’ve come across in the content they covered.
This video deliverable is not about regurgitating what was consumed. In fact, the most creative deliverables simply take a concept that stuck out to the individual participant and expand on it!
What skills do participants gain in this module?
Glad you asked.
The biggest skill learned through going through an intense month of content creation is the ability to take a big, abstract idea and boil it down into your own words.
This is a highly valuable skill, especially in the startup world where new ideas are pitched every day. You don’t have 20 minutes to explain a concept to your boss. You have, at the most, 5 minutes of time to pitch your thoughts. Getting good at this means boiling your ideas down to their basic components, then making them interesting to other people!
In addition to the ability to boil down abstract concepts into actionable ideas, participants gain skills in

  • video editing
  • public speaking
  • being comfortable on camera
  • learning new ideas quickly
  • selling ideas confidently to other people

Check out these examples of participant deliverables:

1.Morgan von Gunten’s video series

  1. Hypotheticals (and Zombies)
  2. Arguments (And Tiny Christmas Trees)
  3. Artists (And Feedback)
  4. Ideas (And Thieves)

What makes this unique:

Morgan created short films with her siblings creatively sharing the ideas she learned from each week of Module 4.

2. Joey Wickham’s Daily Video Series

Here’s a link to Joey’s Youtube Channel.

What makes this unique:

Not only did Joey create a video for his deliverable, but he worked on his public speaking skills all month by creating a video every single day.

3. Lacey Lanzo’s Blog Series

What makes this unique:

Lacey put her ideas into written format as well as video. This gives viewers the option to quickly scan her biggest takeaways rather than having to watch all her videos.
Included in this module are the regular group calls every week. Participants give each other weekly feedback and work with advisors to become stronger content creators throughout the month.
After Module 4, participants enter the world of navigating a job hunt! But that’s a subject for a whole new blog post.

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