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  • How can I prepare for Praxis while I’m in high school?

Maybe you’re a little too young for Praxis or want to finish high school before you begin the program — whichever it is, there are things you can do now that will help you prepare for success in the program and as you begin your professional life.

It starts actually with recognizing that, chances are, you’re more capable at your age than you think. Praxis has participants start the program as early as 16 years old, and we’ve found across the board that the young participants are always able to keep up with the unique challenges the program presents.

Praxis participant Charles Porges left high school to start the program at the age of 17. He now works full time at GuildQuality in Atlanta. Praxis participant Diana Zitting began at age 18 and has been able to massively improve sales at her business partner MailLift.

So the number one thing you can do to prepare is to break out of this preparation mindset that you’ve been conditioned into since an early age. Consider applying to Praxis anyways and during the review process you can talk to the team about your concerns. They’ll be able to help you understand better whether you’re ready for the program or not.

Or schedule a call with a Praxis advisor to ask this question directly. They’ll be able to give you specific, actionable advice.

The next thing we’d recommend is to browse the Praxis blog and read The Education of Millionaires (cheesy title, I know). The book will give you an introduction to some of the philosophy of the program as well an understanding of some of the skills you can start working on now that every young professional today should have.

Once you’ve done that, write a blog post about it or an Amazon review. You can set up a free website with WordPress and start building the beginning of a digital paper trail and get used to documenting your learning process. Think of a creative project you might want to work on and then do it. You’ll learn a ton and you’ll begin habituating yourself into the act of creation.

Give yourself 30-60 days to complete all of this and then schedule a call to show us your progress.

Interested in transitioning from student to entrepreneur? Download the Praxis program guide to learn more.