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  • Can I do Praxis if I’m from outside the United States?

Every month, young people from around the world apply to Praxis. While our goal is to accommodate everyone who is accepted into the program, there are a couple things you should know if you live outside the United States:

  1. The work visa process can be tricky to obtain and varies between countries and individuals. Praxis is unable to facilitate visas ourselves at this time.
  2. The vast majority of Praxis business partners are located in the United States (with some growing exceptions in Canada) and participation in the program would require relocation.
  3. The weekly group calls are from 8 – 9:30 pm Eastern Time, which could be at an inconvenient time for you depending on your time zone.

If you are able to obtain a visa without sponsorship and relocate to the US for the program, we’d love to have you! Our international participants have made incredible contributions to the Praxis community and have succeeded spectacularly in the program.
If you’re interested in the program, the first step is to apply. Once you’re accepted, you can start discussing options with the application team. We’ll do our best to make the program work for you.