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I’ve compiled the following list from my experience helping thousands of job seekers navigate their job hunts.

Job boards are contextual. Each job boards offers specific advantages for specific types of roles / industries. So keep that in mind. You may experience better results by finding a job board more relevant to your search.

Here are my favorites. There is no particular order to this. Each one has its own merits.

My Favorite Jobs Boards - Best Use Cases For Each

My Favorite Jobs Boards & Best Use Cases for Each

Linkedin: Linkedin has the best filtering and maybe the broadest range of “professional jobs” — this is usually where I start if I have specific role types in mind.

WellFound (Formerly AngelList) — if I’m looking exclusively for startup roles, or opportunities at early-stage companies, this is where I go.

The Muse — if I’m looking for more in-depth information on a company, in addition to roles, I’ll go here.

Glassdoor — if I want to check out employee reviews about what it’s like to work at a company, I look here.

Monster — When I’m looking for more broad roles, like small business type stuff, I’ll visit this.

Indeed — if I want to focus on a specific city or region, and have a specific type of role, I’ll check this out.

ZipRecruiter — I use this one similar to Indeed: specific cities and roles.

Builtin — this is my favorite job board for startup jobs when I’m focusing on a particular city or region. A ton of great localized info.

JobList — this is a great aggregator of a lot of other job postings, sometimes I’ll start here, but the filtering is not as robust.

Remotive — looking for remote jobs? Use this one.

SwipeFiles (Formerly Hey Marketers) — looking specifically for marketing jobs? Look here.

For fun, I also asked ChatGPT-4. Here's what our robot friend had to say about the "best jobs boards for entry-level talent in 2024 – and why":

ChatGPT Best Jobs Boards 2024

Here is the same text from the image, copied below – so you can directly access the links.

Per ChatGPT:

Based on a quick search, here's what I found.

Here are some of the best job boards for entry-level job seekers:

  1. USAJobs (www.usajobs.gov): This is the official job site for United States federal government positions, offering a variety of roles across numerous government agencies.

  2. Dice (www.dice.com): Ideal for those seeking jobs in the tech industry, Dice lists a vast number of IT-related job openings.

  3. eFinancial Careers (www.efinancialcareers.com): This site focuses on jobs in finance, banking, accounting, and technology sectors.

  4. Engineer Jobs (www.engineerjobs.com) and Engineering.com (www.engineering.com): These are specialized job boards for engineers of all types.

  5. College Recruiter (www.collegerecruiter.com): A great resource for college students and recent graduates to find entry-level positions and internships.

  6. Barefoot Student (www.barefootstudent.com): This site advertises entry-level job opportunities specifically for college students and grads.

  7. Handshake (joinhandshake.com): A platform designed for students to launch their careers, offering a range of entry-level positions and internships.

  8. Way Up (www.wayup.com): Helps students and recent graduates find part-time and full-time entry-level jobs.

  9. LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com): A vital resource for professional networking, LinkedIn also lists job openings and provides a platform for connecting with potential employers.

  10. Cool Works (www.coolworks.com): This site is excellent for finding seasonal jobs and internships in various exciting locations like theme parks, ski resorts, and national parks.

Each of these job boards is tailored to specific needs and industries, making them ideal for entry-level job seekers looking for opportunities in their field of interest. From government jobs to tech, finance, engineering, and more, these platforms offer a range of positions suited for those starting their careers. Additionally, many of these sites provide resources and advice to help with the job search process, making them valuable tools for recent graduates and new professionals.

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January 4, 2024
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