One of the #1 questions we get about Praxis comes in some form of “How can I be sure this is going to pay off for me?”

    While we always remind people that in life there are no guarantees and that the value of a particular program depends on the goals of the individual, here are some things that you might find interesting:

    • Praxis graduates average over $50,000 per year during their first year after graduation. Their average age is 21, 4 years younger than the average age of college grads.


    • Praxis participants who complete the education experience and apprenticeship finish the program with a professional portfolio which includes ownership and completion of significant projects at your business partner, valuable professional references, and a refined personal brand and digital footprint.


    • The average college graduate takes 5 years to finish and has $37,000 in debt. Praxis participants graduate in one year with ZERO debt. Participants make more money during the program than the program costs, by design.

    Most importantly, if you graduate Praxis, you’ll leave the program with a great job.

    96% of Praxis graduates are employed immediately after the program.

    That means sidestepping all the traditional barriers to entry like resumes, interviews, job board sites, and starting your career off in a great job with a competitive salary.

    Why are our business partners doing this?

    Because they know that someone who completes the Praxis program has joined the top 1% of young professionals in terms of their ability to create value at a company, regardless of age or degree status.

    If you take the program seriously, engage actively with the challenges that you’re presented with, and use your Praxis adviser as a guide and a mentor through the program, you’ll come out on the other end of the program a dramatically different person than you were when you entered.

    Post by Derek Magill
    July 28, 2016