Everything You Need To Know About Praxis Tuition – Updated for 2021-2022

    At Praxis we believe you shouldn’t have to wait four years and go tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars into debt to start a career that excites you.

    Which is why we’ve designed an experience that not only ensures we help you succeed – but delivers a strong return on your investment.

    Through Praxis, not only can you expect to earn more than the cost of tuition through the first six months once you’re hired, but we’re so confident in our process that we’ve backed the entire program with a full guarantee: if you’re not hired within six months of completing the bootcamp, the program won’t cost you a dime.

    Here’s a bit more about our tuition plans:

    Tuition plans

    While colleges continue to increase costs, we’ve done our best to maximize the value of your program experience – all while offering a variety of financing options to meet you where you are, regardless of your financial situation.

    Plan 1 – Pay Now

    Total Cost: $12,000
    You pay $12,000 once you’re accepted and decide to move forward. 

    Plan 2 – Pay Later

    Deposit: $1,500 minimum
    Total Estimated Tuition & Interest:
    Estimated Payments: $409- $486* per month for 30 months.
    Through our lending partner, Climb Credit, you can finance up to $10,500 and then make no payments for 6 months. Monthly payments begin six months after you start the program. You can apply on your own or with a co-signer, and your interest rate will be based on your credit history. Climb offers interest rates ranging from 6.15% to 16.15%.

    *Assumes a $1,500 non-refundable deposit. Lower monthly payments are available for higher deposit amounts.

    The Praxis Guarantee

    Our goal is to help you start your career strong. We believe the best way to do that is to help you discover where your interests are valuable, build relevant skills, grow your personal network, and guide you through a proven process to win opportunities.

    Over the better part of the past decade, we’ve had tremendous success helping hundreds of young adults launch successful careers without college and without the burden of student debt.

    We also believe we should have some skin in the game for your success. In other words, if our program does not lead to a quality outcome for you, then you shouldn’t be on the hook for the cost.

    If you’re accepted into Praxis and successfully complete the bootcamp, then you can count on landing a full-time job with a starting income of at least $36,000 within six months of completing the bootcamp. Or your money back. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    Will I earn money during my Praxis experience?

    This is a great question, and while we wish we could just flat out say yes, a more technically correct answer would be “yes but.”

    Let’s explore.

    Our 12-month program is broken up into two parts: the bootcamp and job support. The bootcamp portion is designed to be completed in 6 months. During this period of time, you will not be earning money as a result of the program. However, most of our participants do work part- or full-time during this portion. It is an entirely manageable time commitment. And we strongly encourage you to do so because we believe work experience enriches the context you’ll be gaining about how business works. Plus, it allows you to sock away some extra money (which will come in handy if you relocate for a new job).

    The job support portion of our program is designed to provide you with six months of dedicated coaching once you’ve started your new job (which we’ll help you land through the placement component).

    We guarantee job placement making at least $36,000 per year – though many participants make considerably more. At $36,000 per year, you would still earn more than the cost of tuition during your first six months on the job:
    Gross earnings: $18,000 – Tuition: $12,000 = Net gain of $6,000

    To illustrate another example, let’s use a fictional applicant named Justin:

    Justin applied to Praxis and got accepted (congrats, Justin). He decided to use money he’d saved from mowing lawns during high school to cover the $12,000 tuition cost.

    During Justin’s program experience, he discovered a passion for helping business owners solve problems and a knack for sparking up conversations – which align well with career opportunities in sales.

    Through the 6-month bootcamp portion of the program, the Praxis placement team helped Justin build his sales skills and get hired in a role where he used his talents daily. His starting salary was $40,000 with commission-based earnings for hitting sales targets.

    After Justin started his new job, he also scheduled weekly coaching calls with Praxis sales and marketing advisors outside his regular work hours – because he wanted to soak up everything he could to improve at his job quickly.

    At the time Justin graduated from Praxis, he already had six months of work experience at his new job and had earned a gross income of $25,000 ($20,000 of base salary plus $5,000 from commission). All in, Justin earned $13,000 more than the total cost of tuition.

    Remember, this is a fictional example and results do vary for each participant. However, outcomes like Justin’s are not uncommon.

    What about financial aid?

    Even though our program is designed to facilitate learning and personal growth, we actually don’t consider Praxis an educational institution – and why would we want to? With traditional higher education comes all kinds of red tape, bureaucratic accreditation rules, and administrative requirements that we believe actually distract from student success.

    To that end, Praxis is typically not eligible for federal student loans, grants, or any other kind of financial aid earmarked for accredited institutions.

    We have had participants in the past earn private scholarships from organizations who are willing to apply the funds to Praxis tuition, so if you receive any scholarship funds, we recommend asking our team during the application process.

    Are there scholarships?

    We occasionally offer partial scholarships (typically $1-2k) when possible. Sometimes as marketing promotions. Sometimes as a result of generous donations from people who believe in Praxis.

    If we have scholarships available at the time we receive your application, our team will be sure to let you know. 

    How do I know Praxis will be worth it?

    It’s been said “nothing in life is certain but death and taxes.” And to the extent that holds true for Praxis, it also holds true for most aspects of life.

    If you’re looking for a sure-deal or silver bullet, we hate to break it to you, but there’s rarely such a thing. But there are almost always things you can do to increase your likelihood of achieving your desired results.

    With Praxis, you can increase your likelihood of success by working hard, engaging with your peers, asking great questions, coming prepared for discussions, exploring ideas beyond just the curriculum, managing your time and commitments, applying feedback, creating projects that you’d be proud to show off, and the list goes on.

    In other words, you can expect to get out of Praxis what you put into it. If you do that, we’re confident you’ll not only have a great experience, but be well on your way to a great career.

    And of course, if you don’t get hired making at least $36,000 within six months of completing the bootcamp, the program won’t cost you anything. 

    What are the next steps?

    If you’re ready to accelerate your personal growth and unlock exciting career opportunities, then start your application today!

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    May 16, 2019