Everything You Need To Know About Praxis Tuition – Updated for 2023-2024

    At Praxis we believe you shouldn’t have to wait four years and go tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars into debt to start a career that excites you.

    Tuition plans

    While colleges continue to increase costs, we’ve done our best to maximize the value of your program experience – all while offering a variety of financing options to meet you where you are, regardless of your financial situation.

    Plan 1 – Upfront Tuition

    Total Cost: $12,000
    You pay $12,000 once you’re accepted and decide to move forward. 

    Plan 2 – Tuition Installments

    Total Cost: $12,900
    You pay a $3,000 deposit once you confirm your spot in the program, and then 3 installments of $3,300.

    Plan 3 – Tuition Financing

    Total Cost: $12,000 + Cost of Financing (Est. Cost w/ Interest $13,700-$16,100)
    You pay a $3,000 deposit once you confirm your spot, and then 36 monthly payments that begin the month you start the program.

    What about financial aid?

    Praxis is not eligible for federal student loans, grants, or any other kind of financial aid earmarked for accredited institutions.

    We have had participants in the past earn private scholarships from organizations who are willing to apply the funds to Praxis tuition, so if you receive any scholarship funds from a third-party, we recommend asking our team during the application process.

    Are there scholarships?

    We occasionally offer partial scholarships when available. If we have scholarships available at the time we receive your application, our team will be sure to let you know. 

    Can I use a 529 savings plan?

    It is possible to use the principal portion of your 529 funds, however, Praxis is not considered a Qualified Education Expense – so if you use any of the earnings portion ("gain") of 529 plan fund to cover Praxis tuition, it may be subject to ordinary income taxes and a penalty. 

    We recommend consulting your 529 plan administrator, financial advisor, or tax professional.

    For more, please read this post.

    What are the next steps?

    If you’re ready to accelerate your personal growth and unlock exciting career opportunities, then start your application today!

    Post by Mitchell Earl
    March 1, 2023